Safety Tips

Putting Caregivers and those needing care together!

Now that you have you have your caregiver applicants, you must make the decision to make safety a priority! There are many parts of safety in regard to a caregiver. First, and foremost, you want to hire someone with an excellent background. Preferably, several areas of background should be checked. Caregiver HR has provided a convenient way for you, the customer, to acquire this information before you begin your interviewing process.

Many caregivers will already have their background check completed and on file for you, while others will provide the background check upon request. You can see this on the caregiver profile. Even if the background check is already on file, you, the possible employer, must request permission from the caregiver to view the caregiver’s background check. If it is not on file yet, you may still request that the caregiver provide you with a background check to view. The caregiver always has to give permission to you to view this background check, not Caregiver HR.

Caregiver HR has chosen a provider who completes the national background checks for our applicants. You can read on our website about the check we have chosen to reccommend and why. It was chosen to provide you with the best check possible to ensure your safety.

Our recommendation is that you choose a caregiver who has no negative findings. However, you must determine your standard for this safety item. Use the background results to further narrow your choices toward your selection of a caregiver.

The next step in safety is to check references for you applicants. Caregivers have the option of providing written references on our website or to provide you emails or phone numbers of people for which they have worked. On the caregiver profile you can see if written references are on file or if they will be provided upon request.

Caregiver HR recommends you review any written references looking for things the caregiver has done for clients with similar needs as you. Then, request other references that you can contact on your own by phone or email. You must feel that the caregiver has completed successful work with clients who have similar needs as your own.

At this point, you can say you have your potential caregiver in site!

I have been to other sites and this is by far the best. I created a free profile and within a week I had a full schedule. I would highly recommend this site to anyone who wants work!

Janita W