How It Works – Care jobs

Putting Caregivers and those needing care together!

For Employers:

1) Search for caregivers on our site for free. CaregiverHR offers unlimited free searches to identify caregivers in your area that meet the needs of you and your family. Once you have found a few caregivers, you are able to sign up for a subscription and contact those caregivers.

2) Once you have found some candidates, sign up and contact those individuals. Sign up on CaregiverHR is easy and only takes a few minutes. A 7 day  subscription costs as little as $19.95. This will allow full access to all of our caregivers for a 7 day period. You will be able to run unlimited searches and contact as many caregivers as you need within the 7 days.  30 day and yearly plans are available as well.

3) Use our tips and safety guidelines to assist you in choosing the perfect caregiver for your care jobs CaregiverHR knows that the selection of a caregiver can be a difficult and important decision. That is why we constantly update our website with information to help assist families to make the proper choice. We also are very safety conscience and continually add articles to our site to promote a safe environment for the family as well as the caregiver.

For Caregivers:

1) Sign up Creating a searchable care jobs profile on CaregiverHR is free. Just follow the steps and in a few minutes you will have families searching for you.

2) Get Verified CaregiverHR will have your references hand verified. This is a great asset to the families who are looking for a quality caregiver. The Verified profile is a monthly charge of $4.99.

 - the Get Verified option now includes a video/audio interview.  We ask you a few questions, about how long you been a caregiver and why you enjoy working with seniors.  This is a fantastic way to show your personality to a potential employer and puts you well above those who do not have a video in their profile.

3) Attract attention To really set yourself apart from your competition, a Featured profile is available. The Featured profile will not only have all of your references hand verified, includes the video interview and  pushes your profile to the top of the search results so you are the first caregiver that is seen. This great option is only $9.99 a month.  Cancel at any time right from you dashboard inside CaregiverHR.

Got three calls the second day. It works... My email started right away and then a very nice family called me and I took their offer. Then next week I had other emails and calls that where just as good.

Mary R.