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CaregiverHR is for every type of Caregiver.

Meet Cindy, Davida, and Martha…

Cindy – A full-time CNA, but would like to add a part-time job to her schedule

I have been a caregiver for 5 years now. I work at an assisted living community near my home. Recently, I decided to try CaregiverHr to find some extra hours to add to my full time job. I found an “on call” position for an agency. It has been rewarding and helpful financially to have the extra income. I wish I had known about CaregiverHR a long time ago.

Davida – Works part time at an agency, but would like to add enough hours to be full time

I have been working part time for a Personal Assistance Agency in my city. When my son started high school I wanted more hours. They were not available at my agency. I heard about CaregiverHR and it was very easy to look for the specific hours I was available to work. Now the two jobs together make a full time job.

Martha – Retired mother would like to help seniors in a part-time job

I have spent a lifetime caring for my children, parents, and friends. When I reached “empty nest” time and my parents no longer needed my help, I felt lonely and bored. My daughter told me that CaregiverHr would be a great tool to find a caregiving job. I went online and found the CaregiverHR website easy to use. The next week I interviewed with a family near my home, and was hired to care for their mother. Now, my world is a happy place again.!


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