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Making Your Initial Choice

published on 20.12.2010 in Tips
Now that you have made the decision to hire a private caregiver, you must are ready to begin your search! The first step is choosing a caregiver for your zip code. You can select the distance the caregiver lives from your zip. Although many caregivers are willing to drive longer distances from their home to their caregiver, Caregiver HR recommends that you choose a caregiver within 10 miles of your home. Further distances seem to create traffic problems and may interfere with promptness. This could become an issue to deal with that is not needed. So, to begin, choose the caregiver that lives in close proximity to your home. Review these applicants for the following things: availability that matches your needs, types of activities they are qualified to do for you, and special considerations such as pets, smoking, or special training that may be needed to service you. After these selections are made you have the applicants that need your review.

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