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Making the Preliminary Choice

published on 20.12.2010 in Tips
The Preliminary Choice allows you face to face contact with your potential caregiver. You may choose to meet in a neutral location for this interview. Caregiver HR does not recommend these interviews in your home at this point in the process unless necessary. Observe your potential caregiver for promptness, dress, and conversation. Ask specific questions that will help you further decide if they are a good match for yourself or the client. See our website for possible questions that will help define personality and values. You need to have some objective system to compare your potential caregivers. Again, our website offers a possible checklist for this interview. After completing your preliminary interview, spend time going over data. Discuss with the client, and the client’s family if possible. If you are the client ask for input from a friend or someone who knows you best. Make a selection of your best choice and your next best choice. You are now ready for the final interview.

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