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Making the Personality Choice

published on 20.12.2010 in Tips
Up until this point you have been reviewing applicants with an objective mindset. On this review you will need to be somewhat intuitive and introspective. To have a caregiver that will be successful in serving you, you must consider the type of personality of which you are the most comfortable. Personality isn’t the primary criteria for choosing a successful caregiver, but for long term success and happiness it is certainly beneficial. Read the caregiver profile again looking for personality and interests of your possible caregiver. Email them and ask them questions. Or, better yet, set up a phone interview. During the phone interview confirm the findings from above and get further questions answered about driving proximity to your home, hours of availability, skills, special considerations such as pets, or wanting a non-smoker. Ask about any special training or experience that prepares them to meet your needs. You may want to narrow your choices again at this point in the process. But at this point Caregiver HR recommends that you have no more potential caregivers than two or three.

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