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Making it Work

published on 20.12.2010 in Tips
After you hire your caregiver you will still have work to do! You will need someone to train the caregiver to the specifics of the client and household. This is the time to set the standard. Don’t be afraid to be specific. Give details. Provide a written list of daily responsibilities. Allow the first week for basic training. After that remember that you are the employer. Anything not done to your standard of excellence is not done right. Retrain and be clear about your expectations. Remember that caregivers want to give excellent care. Remember to praise and commend them for their care.  Your home can be a happy workplace for your caregiver, and be a place of joy for yourself or your client. So, final thought. Continue to make it work. If it doesn’t for some reason, or your caregiver resigns, or your client’s needs change, return to step 1. You can be a manager of private care in your home. If for some reason, you want help in the above steps, Caregiver HR recommends “Private Caregiver”. They do the above steps for you.

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